Manufacturing connoisseurs. We eat, breathe, and sleep manufacturing…and honestly, we can’t get enough of it.

Our mission is to provide old-time, home-grown customer service for all of your manufacturing needs, while keeping a pulse on contemporary technology and engineering.  Whether we can assist you with supplying the parts needed for your job or provide consultation on your next project, please contact us so we can show you what our customers already know…why we are different. In a good way of course, a real good way.

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It is true, we are different.


We believe in old-time values in which people do business with people and "good deals" are ones in which all parties win. We believe that business is not "just business" and it is about the relationships that we build with customers in which we find true success.


Passion is what fuels us. Passion is what gets us out of bed in the morning...along with a nice cup of black coffee, of course. We have an undying passion to keep manufacturing in the US.


In every dealing we have, we put this passion to the forefront and do our little part to try and make US manufacturing cool again. We remember the days when working with your hands was a skill that people were proud to have. We remember the days when the US was the low cost provider in manufactured goods. Those days are now, not yesterday, today. We believe that any process can be improved. With the right amount of technology, engineering, and sourcing, manufacturing processes can continue to be refined into well-oiled machines.


We are different in that we strive to make The BullHorn Group, and everyone around us, the best that we can be every day.


Let us show you how we are different...



Stock – Strong Like Bull

We aren’t talking about the stock market here…we are talking about our inventory stock.  We believe strongly that partnering with our customers means stocking their parts to ensure availability and a quick lead time.

Shipping – Nickels & Dimes

We believe that our customers should keep their nickels and dimes…or even better: buy ice cream with them.  Shipping costs are included in every price that we ever quote. Period.

Trust – Make Sure to Use a Bullhorn

Do what you say and say what you do…and scream it from the top of your lungs.  We believe that these are words to live by.  Follow-through and honesty are paramount to the success of a relationship and especially hold true in the manufacturing world.

Experience – Old Soles

We have been wearing our shoes out, rolling up our sleeves, and getting it done for over twenty years in the manufacturing industry.  We believe that experience looks really good on us…and that in manufacturing, experience counts. Maybe even double.