Consultant…not another four-lettered word…since it technically is ten…

Advisor, partner, guru, educator, good friend…these are probably better words to describe what BullHorn Consulting is to their customers. Success at BullHorn Consulting is truly in the success of their customers…as it is meant to be by design. BullHorn Consulting assists their customers with any and all aspects of the manufacturing process. Whether its an analysis on the purchase of a new piece of manufacturing equipment, a cost-reduction exercise on current manufactured parts, or a complete overhaul of process workflow and manufacturing methods…everyone can benefit from an additional set of eyes, especially Bulls-Eyes [OK, that may be too witty]. BullHorn Consulting offers project based fees, cost-reduction based fees, and even zero fees on many occasions…some is just chalked up as good advice for the health of US Manufacturing.

You are never standing still…you are either moving forwards or backwards. This is a very true point for all businesses, but especially true in the manufacturing industry. To be able to compete in today’s global market, manufacturers need to be constantly assessing their place within their market and finding the creases of where they can compete better…and ultimately, lead their market. Enter BullHorn Consulting.

If you need some good ole’ fashioned advice, an outside perspective, or an educated plan for your project…we are the division to provide it for you.