Chip-making, welding, and stamping…oh my!

BullHorn Services provide their customers a plethora of both high and low tech manufacturing services and capabilities, without the overhead costs of adding additional manufacturing equipment. With the ever-changing needs of your clients, it is always better to reply…”Yes, we can definitely do that for you” instead of the dreaded…”No, we don’t have that manufacturing capability”. Need a small run of custom stampings for a new project? Not a problem! Need a hundred thousand widgets robotically welded? Not a problem either!

Services Provided: Milling, Turning, Punching, Bending, Welding [even with those robot-thingys], Stamping, Cutting, Forming, Molding, Prototyping [both types: rapid and slow-as-molasses], Assembling…basically anything you want done to metals and plastics…and then some.

As the old saying goes…”it takes a village to raise a child”…the same goes for current-day manufacturing. Gone are the days that small-to-medium sized manufacturing companies can do everything in-house and stay competitive in the global marketplace. Enter BullHorn Services. BullHorn Services has a network of manufacturing partners, including some current customers, that can whip-up whatever custom widget you need. Even if it isn’t a whole widget, but part of a widget or a service done to your existing widget…cool beans.

If it needs to be made from scratch, have some scratches put into it, or best yet: save you some scratch…we are the division to make it for you.